Third Party Proves Benefits of Calcium Carbonate

USA-based additives producer Heritage Plastics has had the environmental benefits of its HM10 series of calcium carbonate performance additive for PE film extrusion proven by UK-based third party expert Boustead Consulting & Associates.  Heritage Plastics commissioned the independent body Boustead Consulting & Associates to conduct a life cycle analysis (LCA) assessment.  “While the Plastics Industry is under scrutiny to prove sustainability, no segment is more heavily examined than the film market,” said Holly Hansen, vice president of technical services for Heritage Plastics.  “Replacing a portion of the plastics with a natural mineral like calcium carbonate can make a more environmentally friendly bag by reducing carbon emissions as well as reducing the amount of energy required to make the bag,” she added.  According to Bernard R Yaros, vice president of Boustead Consulting & Associates: “Heritage Plastics innovative technology with its performance additive-calcium carbonate (M10 series) demonstrates their ability to significantly reduce anthropogenic green house gases and regional air pollutants (NOx, SOx, and particulates) including significant energy benefits.” The report also concluded that in addition to the emissions and energy benefits derived from deploying Heritage Plastics innovative technology, customers also enjoy significantly lower material costs.  It also stated that Heritage Plastics HM10 technology meets the innovative requirements sought by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) and the DOE (Department of Energy).  “This complex third party LCA audit substantiates not only our claims, but also our commitment to helping our customers make environmentally friendly films for bags also, at less cost,” said Hansen.